My name is Gabriel, and I was born in Vilagarcía de Arousa (Pontevedra, Spain). I studied Fine Arts at the University of Vigo, and since the beginning of my education, my interest was to deepen in disciplines such as Illustration, Design and Graphic Arts.

During my University Degree, I managed to carry out other projects and commissions at the same time: logos, posters, screenprinting productions both on paper and textile, murals and others. In my final degree project, I made a production of 5 copies of a book entitled "Illustrated Dictionary", to mark a relationship between traditional and digital techniques, deriving my digital illustration work from handmade printing methods, in this case screen printing. After graduating, I moved to Madrid to continue my studies in Graphic Design, Advertising Creativity and Web Design.

University Degree in Fine arts
Master Degree in Graphic design
Master Degree in Creativity and Advertising
Master Degree in Web design

Once there, I started working in a Digital Consultancy as CX Content Specialist (Art Direction and Graphic Design) within the Creative Department, where we carried out online advertising campaigns, Branding proposals, and content for Social Media, through Illustration, Retouching, Design and Motion Graphics.

After leaving the Consultancy, I was hired in an Advertising Agency as a Graphic Designer and Print-ready Artworker. At the agency, we solved from the design, adaptations and print-ready artworks for campaigns, events and signage, to Branding projects (both creation and implementation), Illustration, Retouching and Layout of documents and presentations for various accounts.

In my artistic experience I can highlight my participation in the "Do final e do comezo" Exhibition (Pazo da cultura de Pontevedra - 2015), in the Novos Valores 2015 Exhibition (6th Building of the Museum of Pontevedra - 2015), my collaboration with ESDEMGA, Fashion Design School, making the mural design in DEBUT14 and DEBUT15 events, (Pazo da Cultura de Pontevedra, 2014-2015), my participation in the MAGE16 Exhibition in the Rivas Briones Gallery (Vilagarcía de Arousa, Pontevedra - 2016), and my participation in the "Fast Expos" organized by the Sala Siroco Lounge (Madrid, 2018).

Illustration, Design, Graphic Arts, Art Direction, all covered by the image as a means of communication, and combined by different processes, both handmade and digital. In an increasingly complex field, I always keep looking for visual structures in which the methodology and the creative process have as much value as the result. With true passion for the advancement of creative techniques and placing a special emphasis on highlighting the origin of each discipline, establishing a beautiful relationship between traditional drawing and digital illustration, between design fundaments and its contemporary application, between the graphic arts and the power of digital printing, between the conceptualization of an idea and its production.



Corporate design and Brand identity development

Graphic Design

Cards, Catalogs, handbooks, posters and other graphic services for companies

Print ready

Preparation of graphic material to be sent to printing production: stationery, posters, signs, decoration,...


Individual projects, corporate illustration, for audiovisual production, infographics,...

Style development

Study, design and style guides on image and illustration for other projects

Digital Retouch

Individual and batch photo retouching, image re-editing and creation, libraries,...



Illustration, Branding - 2020


Digital Retouch - 2020


Illustration - 2020

Natural Gos

Branding - 2020

Tercera Escuela

Illustration - 2020


Illustration - 2020


Illustration - 2018

Salas El Faro

Illustration - 2018

Símbolo y retoque

Digital Retouch - 2020

Be Smart · Mad Cool

Illustration, Art Direction - 2019

Santander F1

Illustration, Art Direction - 2017


Illustration - 2020

Halloween Santander

Illustration - 2017


Illustration, Art Direction - 2019

No hay palabras

Illustration - 2020

Europamundo Vacaciones

Illustration, Graphic Design - 2016


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